Month: December 2013

Denon DN-2000F/DN-2500F via USB : Introduction

Denon DN-2000F mk III

Back in the 90’s, DJs used vinyl and CDs. One of the most popular DJ CD players was the Denon DN-2000F. This CD player really was a work horse and Denon further improved it with the mk II and mk III models.

There was also the Denon DN-2500F which added extra cool functionality to that of a DN-2000F including key control, up to +/- 16% pitch control, sampler, vocal reducer and brake effect.

Denon DN-2500F

As time went on and technology progressed, CDs were to be replaced by laptops and MP3s. Whilst this is a big convenience factor it was never going to beat the look and feel of a DJ CD player. Some DJ software can utilise these CD players through special sine wave recorded CDs which can be interpreted in the software to deduce the track position and pitch, but not only is the solution prone to problems, it’s also costly.

What if it was possible to interface with the Denon DN-2500F remote directly?

Here’s a preview of what’s been achieved so far:


The protocol which the DN-2500F uses has been sussed and now it’s a case of deciphering the commands.